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After installing Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), formerly ActiveSync, in the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, you will likely also need to run the following utility to get it to function fully.

Same issue here: HTC Imagio will not appear connected to Windows Mobile Device Manager. PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). I have re-installed Windows Mobile Device Manager, but still no connectivity. Installing Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on Windows ... This document describes the steps to get Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) working with Windows 10 64 bit, WMDC is required to get your DIPPlus Device connect to SHOTPlus. Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) Issues on Windows 10 Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) problems on Windows 10 We have discovered that Windows Mobile Device Center does not work correctly on some Windows 10 installations, and in some cases, a working installation can stop working after Windows Updates.

2 Jun 2017 ... PC Operating System support of Windows Mobile Device Center ... 10 version 1703, or any subsequent Windows 10 versions. Trimble® ... 64-bit drvupdate- amd64.exe or 32-bit drvupdate-x86.exe installer as an Admin and in ... WMDC Connection Troubleshooting - Landmark Spatial ... usually caused by a Windows 10 update or an update to your Antivirus/ ... Windows Mobile Device Center for 64 bit PC's ... If the device will not connect, close. Running Windows Mobile Device Center under Windows 10 ... 2 Aug 2017 ... First off, if you use WMDC regularly and you're using Windows 10, ... If you do hear the connection sound but WMDC shows “Not Connected”, ... Installing Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on your PC ... Mobile devices that do not have wireless support must connect to the network through a desktop or laptop ... Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows 64-bit .

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Microsoft ActiveSync и Windows Mobile Device Center - 4PDA… Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center последняя ПО для синхронизации мобильных устройств на базе WindowsMobile с персональным компьютером под управлением WindowsА эта версия на висту 64 станет? Или Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6 64-bit искать? Решение проблемы связи Windows 10 + Windows Mobile В последнее время, многие переходят на операционные системы Windows 10 и сталкиваются с проблемой соединения контроллера иЭто вызвано обновлениями системы, вследствие чего программа для синхронизации Windows Mobile Device Center (Центр устройств Windows... Не запускается Windows Mobile - Windows 10 - Киберфорум

ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center (error 1904)

i just installed new Windows 10 version (1703) and now i'm not able to connect any Windows CE device because Windows Mobile Device center 6.1 doesn't run.